Zesty Pomegranate Juice

1 Pomegranate 
1 Lime
100ml Water
Handful of Ice
1. Peel the Pomegranate and put the seeds through the juicer. (Don't have a juicer? Don't worry why not try the below method...)
1. Cut open the pomegranate and remove all of the seeds.
2. Discard the peel and white membrane. 
3. Place the red seeds in a mesh strainer over a bowl and push the seeds into the strainer. This will separate the juice from the seeds. (Alternatively, the pomegranate can be blended- this will make a thicker smoothie type consistency.)
4. Juice the lime and then add the water along with the lime juice to the Pomegranate juice.
5. Stir in some ice and serve.


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